Gunnar Lettow began his musical career as a rock musician in Kiel as member of the avant-garde rock band Nice Noise. He extends the sound of the electric bass by different preparations such as spears, clips, brushes and the use of effects units  and creates new universes of sound. The strongly noise orientated music moves between tiny microtonal sounds and eruptive moments.

Current projects:

  • phase~in, an electriconic Duo with Sylvia Necker (Raumstation)
  • KLS Trio with Robert Klammer (elctronics, zither), Lars Scherzberg (sax)
  • Duo Rouzer / Lettow – Online collaboration with Gary Rouzer
  • Duo with Korhan Erel (Laptop)

He played with  Leonel Kaplan, Umut Caglar,  Chris Heenan,  Michael Vorfeld, Alexander Frangenheim, Jürg Bariletti, Herman Müntzing, Carl-Ludwig Hübsch, Nicolas Wiese, Heddy Boubaker, Thomas Österheld and other.

He runs a monthly concert series Frequenzgänge in Hamburgs Gängeviertel

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