KLS Trio

Klammer-Lettow-Scherzberg Trio

Robert Klammer – Zither, electronics, analogue Synthesizer, objects
Gunnar Lettow – prepared E-Bass, electronics
Lars Scherzberg – amplified Sopranino, alto sax, Cymbals

The musical communication between Klammer, Lettow and Scherzberg is sensitive and fragile. Introverted, almost quiet passages and eruptive moments alternate. The game with very different dynamics and volume levels is an important aspect of the joint playing process. The strongly noise orientated music originates without default from the moment. It is as spontaneous as it is transient – and always very instantaneous. Each musical encounter of KLS is therefore unique, a real-time experimental sound experience.

Unconventional playing techniques are characteristic of this trio. No instrument sounds as we are used to it. Robert Klammer occasionally sends radio or pre-recorded MDs through the filter of his analogue synthesizer and mixes electronics with non-electronic sound or noise generators. Gunnar Lettow distorts the sound of his electric bass with customizations, playing techniques and effects to such an extent that one can hardly believe a bass guitar acts as the source. Lars Scherzberg generates a whole microcosm of sounds and noises on the saxophone, which he enhances electronically now and then to make even extremely faint sounds audible.

Robert Klammer grew up in a musician’s family and studied fine arts at Hamburg’s College of Fine Arts, which strongly influenced and characterized his music – just as urban and rural sounds and noises did. Cooperation with Keith Rowe, Evan Parker, Peter Kowald, dieb13, Ernesto Rodrigues, Tim Hodgkinson and others. Robert Klammer is a member of the TonArt Ensemble Hamburg. Another current project is futureduck (impro-/performance-duo with Peter Kastner).

Gunnar Lettow began his musical career as a rock musician in Kiel as member of the avant-garde rock band Nice Noise. There he started exploring the tonal possibilities of the electric bass. More and more often, he prepares the electric bass and electronically processed its sound in order to create new universes of sound patterns. He also is a member of the duo „phase~in“ with Sylvia Necker and regularly plays in ad-hoc ensembles (amongst others with Ernesto Rodrigues, Hermann Müntzing, Carl-Ludwig Pretty, Nicolas Wiese). He played with OTON and together with Robert Klammer in the trio „Die elektrische Nachtigall“).  Since 2010 he is organizing the concert series Frequenzgänge in Hamburg’s Gängeviertel.

Lars Scherzberg studied at the Hamburg Conservatory and the Hochschule für Künste Bremen with a major in guitar. Alongside his college, he intensively studied the saxophone and developed his own customization technique. Lessons and projects with Wolfgang Fuchs during a three-year stay in Berlin. Currently he is a freelance musician living in Hamburg. He collaborates with musicians in the field of free improvisation and new music, playing with Chris Heenan, Michael Maierhof and Birgit Ulher in the quartet NORDZUCKER, with John Hughes and Nicolas Wiese in the H/S/W Trio with Jeff Arnal and John Hughes in the trio Tripwire. Intensive cooperation with Gene Coleman, Rhodri Davis and Tim Hodginson


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