Duo Lettow / Erel

Klub Katarakt Festival (photo by Christa Hansen)

Korhan Erel and Gunnar Lettow met for the first time in Istanbul 2011 to play a concert at Gram with tenor saxophonist Robert Reigle, Korhan’s bandmate from Islak Köpek. Gunnar Lettows electro-acoustic sounds of the prepared e-bass combined with the electronic instruments of Korhan Erel creates an fascinating, abstract sound world.

Gunnar and Korhan have been playing short tours in Germany every November since 2011. In 2011, they played in Hamburg (Hörbar), Hannover (Oberdeck) and Berlin (Ausland, Miss Hecker). At Ausland they played with Chris Heenan and at Miss Hecker with Axel Haller. In 2012, they had a guest from Istanbul, cellist Gülşah Erol, who had been touring with Korhan in Germany as a part of the Soundtrips concert series in the Ruhr area. They played in Hamburg, Hannover (Oberdeck), and in Berlin (Quiet Cue).

Gunnar and Korhan played in November 2013, two concerts at Oberdeck in Hannover (Nov 7) and Freitagsmusik in Hamburg (Nov 8) and in January at the Klub Katarakt Festival Hamburg.

The duo has released the first Album on Creative Sources Recordings. Bad falling bostel.

The CD Release Tour will be end of September 2014 with concerts in Hamburg, Hannover, Duisburg, Stuttgart, Karlsruhe, Tübingen and Berlin.

Bad falling bostel




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