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FRIM/SYDS Julspektakel

Some Impressions from the phase~in trip to Malmö.

FRIM/SYDS bjuder in till storstilat

julspektakel på galleri Ping Pong med
Phase~In + Herman & Qarins Elektriska Duett.

14 december 2014 – kl. 18:00
Galleri Ping-Pong
Stora Nygatan 4, Malmö

phase~In (DE)
Gunnar Lettow – bass & live electronics & fx
Sylvia Necker – space station & fx

Herman & Qarins Elektriska Duett (SWE)
Herman Müntzing – electronics
Qarin Wikström – röst & electronics




Tracks and Videos from the Bad falling bostel tour

Here are some excerpts and videos from my tour with Korhan Erel



Concert with Korhan Erel & Gülsah Erol @ Quiet Cue

The last of three concerts I had last November with Gülşah Erol and Korhan Erel.

Some videos from the tour

With Jack Wright at Higwire Gallery, Philadelphia

At Sonic Circuits with „Boris Bobby“ by Jimmy Ghaphery

„Boris Bobby“ by Jimmy Ghaphery [HD 1080p] from H. Paul Moon on Vimeo.

And a short excerpt of my Duo Fundstücke mit Gary Rouzer at Sonic Circuits

Fundstücke Live @ Quiet Cue, Berlin

Video: KLS-Trio, Blurred Edges 2011

Video: phase~in @ preview.süd

A short video of phase~in perfoming at preview.süd, Karlsruhe 2011