New Review at Vital Weekly about zwei mal zwei

Frans de Waard wrote in Vital Weekly a review about Zwei mal zwei with  GREGORY BÜTTNER & ERNESTO RODRIGUES & NUNO TORRES, Thnks Frans! mal zwei

wei mal zweiA quartet of improvisers, and I am not entirely sure why it says ‚Zwei Mal Zwei‘, meaning two times two. Maybe it’s a reference to where these people are from? Two from Germany and two from Portugal? Or perhaps there is a regular duo for each of Büttner/Lettow and Rodrigues/Torres? I don’t know. The recordings were made on the 3rd of April 2014 in Hamburg and credits are thus: Ernesto Rodrigues (viola), Gunnar Lettow (prepared bass, guitar, electronics, objects), Nuno Torres (alto saxophone) and Gregory Büttner (computer, loudspeakers, objects fan). This is the department of careful improvisation and much of this works in the area of electro-acoustic sound treatments, even when it comes to playing the instruments as such. Each of these players consider his instrument(s) as a an object, a piece, an element that generates sound and together they craft some pretty intense stuff; they always listen closely to what the others are doing and respond and react when needed or simply do
nothing when required. Quite intense at various times, due to the amount of sound information and sometimes because due to it’s absence. That it perhaps contains all the usual things around such improvised matters, but in fact this is a great release. Intense, concentrated, but also playful and not entirely without humour. Quite a nice release indeed. (FdW)


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